Project Management Tools

 I've gone through my fair share of project management tools in the past few years. This is, as memory serves, the tools I've used so far in order:

  • Zoho Projects
  • Asana
  • Wunderlist 💛💔
  • Asana (Again)
  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • Trello (Again)
  • Todoist (Personal)/Toggl (Work)

As you can see, I go back and forth alot. At the time of writing I'm in the process of moving from Basecamp to Trello, I originally moved to Basecamp because my company did so and I find it easier to use the same tool everywhere. That was a mistake.

So, to try and save some people mucking about as I have going back and forth I thought I'd do a quick run down of three of these project management tools.


After using Trello for a while I decided that I needed something simpler that I could use to store other items such as my reading list and a list of 'awesome websites' that I constantly update and you can see here. I've found this to be by far the best tool I've used so far and it's allowed me to consolidate other accounts such as Pocket into it.

  • ✅ Good for small projects
  • ✅ Mobile app is good
  • ✅ Quick to set up initally
  • ✅ Free tier offers loads of functionality
  • ✅ Great API
  • ✅ Can nest lists
  • ✅ Offers Kanban approach
  • ✅ Daily goal encourages progression
  • ❌ Be careful how many nested lists you use - it can get messy

Get started with Todoist*


My former favourite (RIP Wunderlist 💔), Trello offers a simple, agile approach to projects that definitely benefits those of us who need to see the whole picture all the time - from what's been done to what's on hold.

  • ✅ My favourite
  • ✅ Agile approach
  • ✅ Easy to understand
  • ✅ Visually appealing
  • ✅ Free version offers a lot of functionality
  • ✅ New templating feature is really useful
  • ✅ 'Butler' automation is slick
  • ✅ Quick to set up initally
  • ❌ Mobile App can be a bit fiddly
  • ❌ Can only install one power-up on free version (choose wisely!)

Get started with Trello*


I started using Asana when I found out it was developed by Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz, whilst I was Googling everyone in The Social Network, and it turned out to be a pretty good piece of kit. Unfortunately, it's probably too powerful for the needs of a single person... it's very pleasing to look at though 😍

  • ✅ My go to for years
  • ✅ Great for larger teams
  • ✅ Visually appealing
  • ✅ Easy to understand priorities
  • ✅ Can choose Agile approach
  • ✅ Mobile app is good
  • ❌ Can be a bit overwhelming for small projects
  • ❌ Not too clear these days where I stand on the free plan
  • ❌ Initial Set-up takes longer than the other two

Get started with Asana


I'd been hearing about Basecamp for years, when the company stated that we were going to be using this for all projects I gave it a whirl. It in the office I found it difficult to keep on top of my work, had no clue what was a priority and there just seemed to be lists everywhere but I had no clue what was what. Avoid if you're in a team any bigger than 3. That being said, when using it for myself on a much smaller scale I actually wuite liked it.

  • ✅ Good for small projects
  • ✅ Mobile app is good
  • ✅ Quick to set up initally
  • ❌ Easy to get lost in threads
  • ❌ Free version is limited to three projects
  • ❌ Difficult to find priorities
  • ❌ Way too many emails!

Get started with Basecamp

Last Updated: Monday 2nd November 2020 to add Todoist.

*This is an affiliate link for which I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, should you decide to sign up. I only use affiliate links on products/tools I actually use and recommend ✌️


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