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Project Management Tools

  I've gone through my fair share of project management tools in the past few years. This is, as memory serves, the tools I've used so far in order: Zoho Projects Asana Wunderlist  💛💔 Asana (Again) Trello Basecamp Trello (Again) Todoist (Personal)/Toggl (Work) As you can see, I go back and forth alot. At the time of writing I'm in the process of moving from Basecamp to Trello, I originally moved to Basecamp because my company did so and I find it easier to use the same tool everywhere. That was a mistake. So, to try and save some people mucking about as I have going back and forth I thought I'd do a quick run down of three of these project management tools. Todoist After using Trello for a while I decided that I needed something simpler that I could use to store other items such as my reading list and a list of 'awesome websites' that I constantly update and you can see  here . I've found this to be by far the best tool I've used so far and it's al