2020 Reading List

I try to read as often as I can, typically a chapter a night of whichever book I'm reading on my Kindle or listening to via Audible. I'm really into business and start-up books at the moment, I love to read about their humble beginnings and often find something to take away from each book to help me improve in my own work or personal life.

The Launch Pad

A fast-paced yet insightful look into the mysterious Y Combinator and some of the latest batches business ideas. There's some great tips in here for anyone starting a company, particularly anyone who will be looking for seed investment.

I blazed through this on Audible in less than a week and would listen or read it again at some stage.

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Howard Shultz talks through his return as CEO of Starbucks, the effect the financial crisis of 2008 took on the business, and how they endevoured to remain faithful to their guiding principles throughout.

This is a long read, but one I enjoyed and would recommend should you have an interest in Starbucks.

Buy Onward*

Start With Why

If you've seen any of Simon Sineks talks you'll be familiar with some of the stories he tells here. Even so, Simon delivers the Audible reading of this book with the same passion that had me hooked from the first time I saw his Ted Talk.

For anyone in a management position or who aspires to one day be a manager I'd encourage you to read this book, there are some fantastic theories and pricinples to consider applying in your workplace.

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I was really excited for this book to be released and I wasn't disappointed when I finally got the chance to listen to this on Audible.

At a mammoth 19hr runtime it's by far the longest book I've listened to and Michelle does a great job detaching herself from Barack until the time is right. The pacing of the book is just right and is peppered with small intricate details which allow the reader to see how Michelle got to where she is today.

There aren't many take-aways from this book, but it's a great read for your next vacation.

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The Upstarts

First of all, I must say that this is not as enjoyable as Hatching Twitter. That being said, the parts about Uber in particular are very interesting given their controversial history and learning about how Air B&B grew from an air mattress to a billion dollar company is aspirational.

Buy The Upstarts*

Hatching Twitter

One of my all time favourites - a story of friendship, betrayal, deceit, and the founding of Twitter. It's all true and it's a real page turner.

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Exactly what is says on the tin. I read this very early on in my worklife and it really influenced how I handle my emails - if you find yourself inundated with emails, give this book a try.

Buy Unsubscribe*

Don't Make Me Think

If you went to University to study web design or development you'll should have read this already, if not it's definitely worth a read.

Buy Don't Make Me Think*

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