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2020 Reading List

I try to read as often as I can, typically a chapter a night of whichever book I'm reading on my Kindle or listening to via Audible. I'm really into business and start-up books at the moment, I love to read about their humble beginnings and often find something to take away from each book to help me improve in my own work or personal life. The Launch Pad A fast-paced yet insightful look into the mysterious Y Combinator and some of the latest batches business ideas. There's some great tips in here for anyone starting a company, particularly anyone who will be looking for seed investment. I blazed through this on Audible in less than a week and would listen or read it again at some stage. Buy The Launch Pad* Onward Howard Shultz talks through his return as CEO of Starbucks, the effect the financial crisis of 2008 took on the business, and how they endevoured to remain faithful to their guiding principles throughout. This is a long read, but one I enjoyed and would recommend s

My Favourite Grand Designs

Grand Designs has been one of the staple design and architecture shows on TV since I can remember and over the years there have been some truly incredible houses built. Here are some of my favourites. Container House A young farmer and architect in Northern Ireland hopes to make a home out of four large shipping containers welded together to form a giant cross. Watch the episode . Corkellis House Interior designer Kathryn has decided to design and build her own Scandinavian-inspired house on a hillside plot in her parents' back garden in Falmouth, Cornwall. Watch the episode .  Kathryn Tyler . Steam Bent Timber House Tom and Danielle Raffield use their steam-bending skills to build a wavy wooden house in Cornwall, full of amazing twisty furniture. But with only £100k, have they taken on too much? Watch the episode .   Tom Raffied . Turf House On the Isle of Skye, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Britain, Rebecca and Indi are building a turf-roofed contemporary home to withst