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Email Isn't Broken

  Slack exploded onto the scene declaring it would   Kill ‘Company Email’ by 2026   and it seems it still has a long way to go as we sent more than   120 billion emails   in 2018 alone. We all hate email, it's our never ending to do list and it's the thing that ruins your Sunday night and the last few days of your holiday as you start trying to clear the backlog. However, I think email is great and we're just using it wrong. To try and help us all out I've come up with a few quick tips when you're emailing in the office that will make everyone happier. Email is Long-Form We all have access to tools like  Slack ,  Teams  for quick messages or questions but some people still choose to send an email with a single sentence in, or worse just the subject and no further copy. Use the tools you have as they were designed - emails were designed to be long-form, messaging apps weren't. If you need to message or ask someone a quick question, pick up the phone or use one of